Age of antibiotic is coming to an end?

Accidently discovery of antibiotic penicillin in 1927, opens the era of antibiotics. Since then several thousand of antibiotics have been isolated and identified. It is the remarkable breakthrough in the field of medicine, saving many life. But within less than a century, expert are now saying, the age of antibiotic is coming to an end. Many bacterial strains are becoming resistant to even most strongest antibiotic and they do so very quickly that we are running out of options. what can be done to tackle the problem? Who to blame? Pharmaceuticals company? Or health professionals or consumers? Or bacteria itself?Should we start looking for alternative? Or develop even more strong antibiotic?

Gaurab Karki Level 2 Asked on October 29, 2015 in Basic Microbiology.

I think altenatives are being approached already!! Medical sectors in association with engineerings like nanotechnology are being researched nowdays.. if nanobots can detect cancercell and treat them then finding a bacteria inside the cell and neutralising it is also possible……….I think resistance developed by bacteria is gonna evolve too to the time as long as antibiotics get evolved so seeking a better alternatives is a better idea!!????????????????????????

on October 30, 2015.

yes, you are right Nishan. Alternatives are  approaching and it should be. But It is not an easy task to replaced the so well established antibiotic era. Don’t you think,  we should also focus on  prolongation of antibiotic era for longer time alongside alternatives ? we misuses the antibiotics, we created the superbugs and now we are seeking for an alternative. If we misuses the alternative again, we have to think about another alternative and this will continues. I am not saying we should stick to antibiotics only for treatment, off-course we should think  for  alternative for better treatment. Till date this one of the best method for treatment, so we cannot totally reject it. we have to think, how we better use antibiotic? how can we prevent misuse of antibiotic?
don’t you think so ?

on October 31, 2015.
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No, Gaurab. I think we still need the antibiotics. However, I may say some organisms become resistant because of the misuse of it.
We can overcome the problem of  multiple drug resistant. Yes, I strongly thought ,it is possible.
We didnt require to go for stronger and stronger ATBT for that.  However, a small change in the first line ATBT could be the possible solution .

SRK Level 1 Answered on October 30, 2015.
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Actually, I don’t think in that way.
It is not possible to end the era of antibiotics. Although there are some antibiotics resistant microorganisms isolated.
this can be due to the misuse of the drugs.

Sandesh Koirala Level 1 Answered on October 31, 2015.
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I think there is still a long way for antibiotics to go. However, it  may have own limitations. Though the history of discovery and use of antibiotics is not much longer, antibiotic effect in nature was already there before the accidental discovery of penicillin.
Resistance are due to mutations. However, some studies have also showed that some stains of bacteria are again being sensitive to old antibiotics. It shows  the reversal of mutations. Though new technologies are in quick advancement, we must not forget the Darwin’s Theory of evolution ie., in this context, there is always chances of development of resistance to some extent to any modern development.  We can’t blame anyone for the rise of resistance, however, we can limit its rate if we act responsibly, especially the consumers and physicians.

bikash Level 1 Answered on October 31, 2015.
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yes, we still need antibiotics. may be we still need  them in future  Or may be not! But one thing for sure,  what we are facing today ie. multidrug resistant strains, emergence of superbugs, need of prolong therapy, etc,  all indicates that we need alternatives. I agree that antibiotic resistant organisms evolved because of misuses of antibiotics.
Every era ends one day and replaced by another, right? For the end of antibiotic era, end coming fast than expected. we could be using antibiotic for next century also.But due to misuses, it seems not happening. so, my point is, we should think about prolongation of antibiotic era, such as minimizing the misuses, legislation policy, and prevention of infection, etc along side of alternatives. Many alternatives are approaching, and it will develop one day.

Gaurab Karki Level 2 Answered on October 31, 2015.
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Bacteriophage Therapy may be the best options now 🙂

Sagar Aryal Admin Answered on November 3, 2015.
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yes, this may be an option. Many researches are going on. Phage therapy has many advantages over antibiotic, But one of the serious problem with bacteriophage therrapy is; Bacteriophages tend to swap genes with each other and other organisms with which they come into contact. So there is a chance of spread of antibiotic resistance in bacteria.

Gaurab Karki Level 2 Answered on November 3, 2015.

Can you cite some research papers please. I’ve been working in phage therapy and hasn’t come across experimental papers which proves swapping of harmful genes.  But this is absolutely possible.

On the other hand, we can assuringly say that when bacteria get some genes and become ‘phage-resistant’, phages will also evolve – more quickly – so as to kill then in order to survive. So the challenge here would be only to isolate another set of phage cocktail that work on newly evolved bacteria.

on December 8, 2015.
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Ashraf Level 1 Answered on December 3, 2015.
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It is a very disturbing subject, but I also think that the misuse of these antibiotics does harm.

saralins Level 1 Answered on March 23, 2017.
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