How to identify S. psuedointermedius ?

What kind of tests that we use for identifying it?

phorkun Level 1 Asked on October 25, 2015 in Basic Microbiology.
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First of all, its S. pseudintermedius ¬†(just rectifying you and not being rude or anything! ūüôā )

S. pseudintermedius can be biochemically misidentified as S. aureus (be cautious!!).  It  has been  recently identified as new coagulase positive species of S. intermedius group. Few phenotyphic  tests such as PYR test (+), mannitol fermentation test (weakly and delayed), clumping factor activity test (-),  ONPG test(+),  VP or acetoin test (+),  acriflavine sensitivity test (S ). Novobiocin sensitivity test (S)  can be considered.  Genotyphic tests targeting mec A , nuc  genes of S. aureus and tuf gene of Staphylococcus genus can also be performed.

I have attached a link for  the  comparative phenotypic characteristics .

I hope its helpful enough.

Deepti Gurung Level 1 Answered on October 26, 2015.

Thank you very much. It is really helpful for me thank again

on October 26, 2015.
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It can be identified by molecular methods like PCR,RFLP

pavithra Level 1 Answered on January 11, 2016.
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