Is Virus Dead or Alive?

Virus contain genetic material yet they are dormant as native state. What you suggest them? Provide your justifiable comment

iamsaumyadip Level 1 Asked on December 9, 2015 in Virology.
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Hi man, that was a good question you asked!
To begin with genetic materials as you included that in your question, these mainly serve for reproducing another virus. They pass down the hereditery materials (DNA and/or RNA) to form a new virus in a host cell identical to the parent. The way i understad your question is are they dead when outside the host? correct me if wrong!
Bro, the term dead means somethimg was living so aslong as we aren’t sure if virus is a livingthing we should not put the term dead on them. There are criterias (I use MRS.GREN to memorize them) used to determine if something is a living thing(alive) or not, so lets use some to judge a virus;
1. Reproduction
Do viruses reproduce? Yes, though they need assistance from a host cell but they do.
2. Growth
Do viruses grow? Hell no, they just inject a host cell with a hereditery material and a new virus of the same size as the parent is formed, they dont start small then get bigger.
3. Movement
Can a virus move? Nope,am smiling to this because if they could move then our bodies would be culture media for them. Viruses can not move self directed, they depend solely upon environmental interactions. e.g infuenza virus dependas on your inhalation to get to your air way and lungs.

With the above 3 criterias, this bitch(virus) seems more like a robot to me, a hijaker taking over cellular processes for their own good… got to go further with studies and research to completelly disqualify a virus as a living thing but i can comment that this nigger aint ALIVE, just a dumbass robot.
sorry for my language, I hope this helped.

Musa Level 1 Answered on January 22, 2016.
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