Protein expression and Gene expression

When i was searching protein expression, i usually saw  gene expression in the related content.
Some say that protein expression is the outward manifestation of gene expression, but gene expression does not 100% lead to protein expression. Is that right? And why?

CynthiaLane Level 1 Asked on November 18, 2015 in Molecular Biology.
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Protein expression is much related and dependent on gene expression. Although common to explain that in central dogma, DNA allows synthesizing RNA and then RNA to protein.

Looking initially on genetic expression, genes are regulated by operator-promoter mechanism, repressor and other associated molecular factors.  For Eukaryotes you would find signal transduction mechanism where transcription factors are also responsible for expression. All these expressions  are ultimately meant to express proteins required by the cell or organism.

RNA produced lead to expression of proteins. If you look at RNA particularly there are not all RNAs involved to associated with protein expression. So as you explained in your query it is right that all genetic expression does not always lead to protein expression.

Protein expression depends upon the type of genes responsible and also the genetic machinery following its expression.

iamsaumyadip Level 1 Answered on December 8, 2015.
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