in pro karyotes r eukaryotes the nucelotide presnt i which form? suppose in bacteria the nucleotide present in dATP ,dGTP etc., the replication is over . but transcripition how the rna polymeraese posses the ATP,GTP,UTP against the dna molecule.

prabhu Level 1 Asked on November 19, 2015 in Molecular Biology.
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I don’t know whether I understood the question properly as you asked for.  Based on the question DNA polymerase have nucleotide binding pocket which allows them to differentiate between dNTP and NTP.

RNA polymerase does not have  this pocket to differentiate between rNTP and dNTP. But closely looking at the structural model, both of these molecules does differ in size, i.e. size differentiation between rNTP and dNTP. Smaller molecule would not fit efficiently or rather be loose but if a larger molecule (rNTP) is allowed it would fit efficiently. Hence there is always we can find difference in processivity between DNA Pol and RNA Pol.

Looking ahead for further explained answers by others. 🙂

iamsaumyadip Level 1 Answered on December 8, 2015.
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