what is the difference between Actinomycis and Niesseria

Difference between actinomysis and niesseria…frequently asked question in viva

SidraNaeem Level 1 Asked on October 25, 2015 in Bacteriology.
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Actinomyces is gram positive, strict anaerobic or facultative anaerobe , and peculiar characteristic is that they form fungus like branched network of hyphae (so the name actinomyces or “ray fungus” ). It is to note that Actinomyces  and  other genera of  family Actinomycetaceae are thought to be transition between bacteria and fungus.

Neisseria  is gram negative (so you can basically distinguish it from Actinomyces on gram stain reaction), aerobic, diplococci bacteria.

Hope your curiosity is answered!

Deepti Gurung Level 1 Answered on October 26, 2015.
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